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FrenchGlory® Extra OPC150 (Catalog # OPC-3)

Isotonic formula OPC powder 300g

OPC 3-month supply (90 servings)

Each serving contains:

Oligopin® French maritime pine bark extract polyphenols > 96%: 50 mg;
Vitaflavan® French grape seed extract polyphenols > 96%: 50 mg;
ExGrape® French red wine extract polyphenols > 92%: 50 mg;
Bilberry extract: 30 mg; Citrus extract bioflavonoids: 15 mg;
Vitamin C: 30 mg;
Potassium (bicarbonate) 93 mg.
Other ingredients: fructose, glucose, citric acid, maltodextrin, silica, calcium sulfate & pectin.

OPC150 is a superior product of unmatched quality in the world's antioxidant market, with the highest potency & super refreshing taste.

This product is made of French OPC 3 ingredients of the highest quality, and contains a total of 150 mg combined OPC 3 extracts each serving, twice as much as that of Market America isotonics OPC-3 product (only 75mg).

OPC150 has slightly bitter background taste

OPC150 has slightly a bitter background taste. Many customers have the preference for less sweet taste and for some real OPC bitter taste similar to beer or wine.

OPC150 provides the best health benefits. But it is impossible to adapt to every one's taste, because different people have different preferences.

For people who prefer for sweet, OPC90 is a better choice. OPC90 contains less OPC and tastes like a grape juice. OPC90 is still always better than any of our competitors' products. For regular health maintenance, OPC90 is adequate.

As pure OPC is bitter and astringent, the increase of OPC concentration tends to change the taste and requires additional sweetener/sugar to cover up the bitter taste.  The question is whether we should add more sweetener/sugar to OPC150 as your own choice.

OPC150 is all natural and does not contain any artificial flavor or artificial sweetener.

Start to Feel Better Today by Taking FrenchGlory™ Isotonic OPC!

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