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FrenchGlory® OPC90 (Catalog # OPC-2)

Isotonic formula OPC 300 gram powder/

OPC 3-month supply (90 servings).

Each serving contains:

Oligopin ® French maritime pine bark extract polyphenols > 96%: 30 mg;
Vitaflavan ® French grape seed extract polyphenols > 96%: 30 mg;
ExGrape ® French red wine extract polyphenols > 92%: 30 mg;
Green tea extract polyphenols > 98%, EGCG > 45%: 30 mg;
Bilberry extract: 30 mg;
Citrus extract bioflavonoids: 15 mg;
Vitamin C 30 mg;
Potassium (bicarbonate) 93 mg.
Other ingredients: fructose, glucose, citric acid, maltodextrin, silica, calcium sulfate & pectin, sucralose.

OPC90 contains 2 mg of sucralose each serving to provide a drink of super taste. If you don't like sucralose or sweet, you should consider to buy OPC150. OPC150 does not contain sucralose.

The product includes a free powder-measuring scoop. Each serving is a top-full scoop, and 2 ounces water.

Keep the bottle tightly closed immediately after each use to avoid moisture and air.

Start to Feel Better Today by Taking FrenchGlory™ Isotonic OPC!

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